Gabe Moore

Gabe Moore is a senior studying biomedical engineering, and also a highly successful student athlete. Below, he discusses what drew him to biomedical engineering, how he balances schoolwork and athletics, the ways in which biomedical engineering and track and field complement one another, and more.

UArk BME: Did you always know you wanted to study biomedical engineering?

Moore: I have always loved learning about the human body and solving problems.  I didn’t know I wanted to study biomedical engineering in particular, but when I found out it was a relatively new major at the University of Arkansas, I wanted to enroll right away.

UArk BME: What drew you to the University of Arkansas?

Moore: I began talking to the track coaches in high school and visited campus a few times for track meets. I love the location and atmosphere of the University, along with the track team’s great tradition and success. Track was important, but academics were the main focus, so I made sure the University had the major I wanted to study. Luckily they did, so it made attending the University an easy decision!

UArk BME: What have been your favorite BME classes or labs so far?

Moore: I would say biomaterials and biomolecular engineering were my two favorite classes and labs. The subject matter was extremely interesting to me because it was all about solving problems and implementing solutions, while taking into consideration the body’s response to them. It also helps that Dr. Kim is an awesome professor and works with her students well to ensure they have success and grasp the content.

UArk BME: In addition to being a BME major, you’re also a highly successful student athlete. Can you tell us more about what you do as an athlete / which events you compete in?

Moore: I am a decathlete on the track team. I compete in 10 events throughout two days of competition. The first day I do the 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, and 400 meter dash. The second day I do the 110 meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500 meter run. (All in that order.) It sounds like a lot of events, but it is actually super fun and really rewarding when I do well and see success on the track. I have been an All-American four times throughout my seasons here and I hope to have a great senior year this year!

Gabe Moore

UArk BME: How do you balance being a student athlete with being a biomedical engineering student?

Moore: I just try to be very adamant with planning and time management. Those are the two largest challenges to overcome. I use my planner religiously and it has helped very much throughout my time at the university. Just staying on top of assignments and trying to get them done as soon as possible has been a large part of my success.

UArk BME: Are there ways in which track and field and biomedical engineering complement one another, or do you think of them entirely separately? Does your work in one area ever help you in the other?

Moore: I think some aspects of track and field go hand-in-hand with engineering. The mechanics of the body and how force is applied is a huge part of track and field, along with angles of contact and posture. Also, I’m very interested in prostheses and one of my fellow athletes has artificial legs from the shin down to where his feet would be. I have been able to learn a great deal about his challenges and how his prostheses have played a role in his success, but also how they could be improved. Gaining insight into a personal situation involving one of my main interests has been amazing.

UArk BME: Any advice for other student athletes who are studying biomedical engineering at the U of A?

Moore: I would say to stay focused on academics above athletics and manage your time well. If you made it to the university for athletics, that part will take care of itself as long as you continue to work very hard. Athletics only lasts for so long, though, so make sure to gain all the knowledge you can and apply your knowledge in your classes. Doing this will allow you to carry that information with you to the field and through life.

UArk BME: You’re currently a senior, which means you’ll be graduating in spring 2019. Any idea what’s next for you?

Moore: I plan on pursuing track and field for as long as possible! If I have a very successful track season, I will try to turn pro at least until after the 2020 Olympic year. If that is not in the cards for me, I will go into industry after graduation, with the hopes of getting a Masters in Business Administration within my first few years of work.