A Stepping Stone Into the Field of Medicine: Saurabh Wagle on Studying Health Care in Puebla, Mexico

Wagle with his university medical class (left) and at El Hospital General Al Norte in Puebla, Mexico (right).

Saurabh Wagle is an undergraduate majoring in premed and biomedical engineering at the University of Arkansas. This past summer, he spent five weeks studying health care in Puebla, Mexico by by taking classes in Spanish medical terminology and shadowing at local hospitals. Below, he reports on his experience:

Studying abroad for the first time was an extremely nerve-wracking, yet exciting experience that I will never forget. As soon as I entered my terminal and saw my friends, I knew that this study abroad experience would be truly special. During the plane rides, I kept thinking about how all of the Spanish classes that I had taken and all of the times that I had practiced speaking in Spanish had finally come to this. In the end, it was simply incredible to have the opportunity to become fully immersed in a different culture and to be able to navigate through the city of Puebla using the Spanish speaking skills that I had previously acquired.