Researching Across the Pond: Jessica Perez Reports from the Harefield Heart Research Centre in London

Perez imaging with the confocal microscope

Jessica Perez is a master’s student in biomedical engineering here at the U of A. As part of a year abroad, she’s been given the opportunity to do research training at the Harefield Heart Science Centre, located in northwest London. Below, she reports on her experience:

My name is Jessica Perez, and I am currently a master’s student in the Biomedical Engineering Department with Dr. Kartik Balachandran as my graduate advisor. I had done undergraduate research with Dr. B when I was pursuing my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering, and when I decided to do my master’s degree at the University of Arkansas, he took me on as one of his graduate students. However, this semester I have taken a break from schoolwork, and I am currently doing research training at Harefield Heart Science Centre in a little village in Northwest London.