Conference Diaries: Kinan Alhallak

Alhallak presents his research on "Optical metabolic imaging of response to radiation in radiation-sensitive and resistant lung cancer cells."

Alhallak presents his research on “Optical metabolic imaging of response to radiation in radiation-sensitive and resistant lung cancer cells.”

From April 16-18, 2016, University of Arkansas biomedical engineering student Kinan Alhallak attended the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Below, Alhallak offers his reflections on the conference:

I was very fortunate to be able to go to the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, along with Kristina Maxwell from Dr. David Zaharoff’s lab at the U. of A. On the first day of the conference, I participated in the undergraduate poster competition, and was thrilled to see that over a hundred undergraduates from across the nation also came to present their research.


Photo Gallery: Honors Research Symposium

Photo Gallery: Learning about Cardiovascular Physiology, Disease and Devices by Dissecting Porcine Hearts

Porcine hearts are, to the untrained eye, identical to human hearts. Therefore, they were great models for Profs. Morton and Hanna Jensen to use to educate biomedical engineering students (and a handful of visitors from other departments) about cardiac anatomy, both on the surface and inside the heart.

Conference Diaries: Grace Bagabe


Bagabe at the conference.

From March 23-27, 2016, University of Arkansas biomedical engineering student Grace Bagabe attended the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 42nd Annual Convention, the theme of which was “Engineering A Cultural Change.” Below, Bagabe offers her reflections on the conference:

My experience at the NSBE 42nd Annual Convention was extremely rewarding. The NSBE Convention was a 4-day conference that took place in Boston, Massachusetts. There were a variety of events ranging from sessions on how to improve your networking skills to empowering presentations from heads of top companies. The main event was the 2-day career fair where big companies and universities from all around the country came to network and recruit students for jobs and internships. Over 300 companies and universities attended the career fair. This was an incredible experience for me because I got the opportunity to speak to some of my dream companies.


10 Tips from Ailon Haileyesus


Ailon Haileyesus is a senior majoring in biomedical engineering here at the University of Arkansas. She was recently named a “Senior of Significance” by the University, and is also a student in the University’s prestigious Honors College. Below, she offers 10 tips on how to succeed as an undergraduate engineering student here at the U. of A.:

1. Participate and lead in Engineering World Health (EWH) to take advantage of all of its benefits. You can use your engineering knowledge from class and apply it to hands-on experienceeither in the community through STEM outreach activities and/or ABROAD!! Check out the EWH Summer Institute and learn how you can get funding and engineering credit through the U. of A.!