Sophia Scalise

Sophia Scalise is a senior biomedical engineering major at the U of A. This past summer, she was an intern at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Below, she reports on the internship:

My name is Sophia Scalise, and I’m a senior biomedical engineering student at the University of Arkansas. This past summer, I had the privilege of interning for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA. I worked 40-hour weeks as a research assistant, primarily in the lab sequencing the RNA out of ten weeks worth of stool samples. Every intern was assigned their own supervisor, and mine dedicated an enormous amount of her day to working with me one-on-one. Though I had done some honors research in the past, I had no previous experience with sequencing, and was taught everything onsite. My entire department was very welcoming, and I really enjoyed working with them each day.

There were roughly 25 summer interns in total, and while we each worked independently within our own departments, we often got together for lunch and other Pfizer sponsored activities. There were optional lectures nearly every other day that we were encouraged to attend, and every two weeks Pfizer hosted a company social after-hours. At the end of the summer, I also presented a poster to my department and site-wide.

Sophia in Massachusetts

When it came to living arrangements, recommended housing was provided, but due to location and pricing I opted to live in an MIT Greek Life house. There I made several great friends from all over the world who were also interning for different companies during the summer. If you’re thinking of applying for an internship this summer, Cambridge/Boston is a great area with a lot to do, and I would definitely recommend this experience.

– Sophia Scalise